san mateo county museum

San Mateo County History Museum Events

Just over the hills from Half Moon Bay, California you’ll descend into the charming Redwood City. Home to the San Mateo County History Museum, this thirty-minute drive up the beautiful Half Moon Bay Rd. through the forested hills is well worth it for both the scenery and the intriguing historical education at the end. Housed in […]

half moon bay winery

Our Half Moon Bay Winery Preferences

Northern California is known as wine country throughout the world. While Half M0on Bay isn’t in Napa Valley, there are many winemakers producing exceptional wines with grapes from the famed valley to the north. Being such a culinary centered town, every Half Moon Bay winery is a great addition to the food and beverage scene in the […]

half moon bay farms

Buy Local at Half Moon Bay Farms

While many attribute the local food movement to west coast cities like San Franciso, these movements wouldn’t exist without their agricultural periphery – towns like Half Moon Bay. Home to many farms and a culture that embraces eating local meat, produce and dairy, this small coastal town is a haven for fresh farm products. Half […]

half moon bay flower market

The Half Moon Bay Flower Market: A Thing of Beauty

Half Moon Bay is more than its cliffs sweeping out to see, it’s rolling hills to the east and its miles of Northern California beaches, but it’s a unique coastal community whose sense of place is as beautiful as its natural landscape. The annual events that celebrate the town’s culture, history and beauty are chances to […]

hiking near half moon bay

Top 3 Trails for Hiking Near Half Moon Bay

No matter where you’re hiking near Half Moon Bay you’re sure to be met with beautiful views, refreshing weather, and wonderful Northern California wildlife. Whether it’s the Pacific Ocean, Silicon Valley, San Francisco, one of the small towns below or a grove of giant redwoods, you won’t be disappointed by the many sights that accompany hiking […]

half moon bay shops

Our Favorite Half Moon Bay Shops

The Bay Area has long been known for being on the frontier of culture, which includes its retail sector. Though the small coastal town of Half Moon Bay is a few miles south of San Francisco, its landscape can be expected to be just as exciting and progressive. You’ll find world-class cuisine from many different […]

poplar beach in half moon bay

Ponder the Ocean’s Expanse at Poplar Beach in Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay has the quintessential Northern California coastline of bluffs, cliffs, and beautiful, yet cold waters. Unlike some of the area’s other popular beaches Poplar Beach in Half Moon Bay is off the beaten path, making it a nice alternative to the more populous spots. Located in a residential neighborhood, it’s easy to get […]

half moon bay golf course

The Ritz-Carlton’s Oceanside Half Moon Bay Golf Course

If you’ve ever experienced golfing on the Pacific Coast cliffs then you probably have an idea of the breathtaking views at a Half Moon Bay golf course. The Half Moon Bay Golf Links at the Ritz-Carlton resort are some of the country’s premier courses for both quality and beauty. The Golf Links offer 36 holes of […]

pacific coast highway road trip

A Pacific Coast Highway Road Trip is a Once in a Lifetime Experience!

  The California Pacific Coast Highway has long been reputed as one of the most scenic drives, or rides, in the whole United States. Stretching from the Northern California border with Oregon down to San Diego, there are few routes more beautiful and, at times, frightening. Hugging the coastal cliffs that are often blanketed in fog, the […]

Moss Beach Distillery

The Moss Beach Distillery Offers Relaxed Dining in a Beautiful Setting

Along the cliffs of the San Mateo coast, you’ll find a multitude of dining options, but none so pleasing as the relaxed atmosphere and unmatched view found at the Moss Beach Distillery. Not only is this one of the best places to dine in the area – located directly north of Half Moon Bay – but […]

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